2012 Short Track Championship – Round 4
Saturday 21 July 2012

The tricky TT track didn’t slow Aidan down as he took his fourthth win of the season at the Norfolk Arena on Saturday.

Depsite being beaten in all is heat races by Richard Mason, Pete Boast and Tim Greig, Aidan didn’t make any mistakes and won his semi in good style from Darren Trapmore, Boastie, Brindly and Ben Baker.

The second semi saw a great battle with Tom Woolley and Richard Mason swopping places but it was Magic Mason who took top honours from Tom, Glyn Pockington on the Aprilia v twin, Greig and getting in on the last transfer spot Dave Homan getting his National number.

The Last Chance race was a clean win for Alan Birtwistle and getting the last transfer spot to the final was Richard May, getting the beater of TT star Steve Plater who crashed out of third.

The Grand Final was a gruelling 15 laps around the TT track, Aidan came oout from the first corner in first place, ahead of Tom Woolley and Ben Baker in third. Brindley and Boast went down on first lap both remounting at the back of the field.

On the second lap Baker moved past Woolley,who had Trapmore, Greig, Pocklington, Birtwistle and Mason behind him back in 7th place. On lap 3 Trapmore hit Woolley’s rear wheel, he managed to save it but dropped down to 9th place. By the mid way point Collins had pulled a good lead over Baker and Woolley, Magic Mason was pulling through the field and moved into 5th behind Tim Greig.

As the laps wound down, Aidan had control of the race and took the chequered flag for the fourth time this year, ahead of Ben Baker and Tom Woolley.

1st #1 Aidan Collins 450 HRC Honda
2nd #7 Ben Baker 450 KTM
3rd #93 Tom Woolley 450 Pidcocks Honda
4th #98 Richard Mason 450 Arrow Honda
5th #10 Tim Greig 450 Honda
6th #30 Alan Birtwistle 450 Honda
7th #71 Glyn Pocklington 450 Team Aprilia
8th #20 Darren Trapmore 450 TCR KTM
9th #9 Richard May 450 Suzuki
10th #54 Peter Boast 450 Team Suzuki
11th #62r Dave Homam 450 Kawasaki
12th #25 Derek Brindley 450 Arrow Honda